Internet-based experiment and survey platform
LabVanced is an internet-based platform for designing experiments and collecting data remotely. It is incredibly powerful and sophisticated, but also allows even simple surveys to be created easily.

Access your premium account

The LingLab has purchased a license for a premium lab account with LabVanced. In order to access the premium features and support, create a free account and send the Lab Manager the email associated with your account and/or your account user name.

LabVanced methods and resources


LabVanced provides a number of very informative step-by-step tutorials to learn how to use their platform
If you have used these tutorials and still need support, contact the Lab Manager or LabVanced's live chat Specialist team. With the premium account, you should receive speedy help from their team, and all other queries can be brought to the Lab Manager in the first instance.
If you take notes on your process of learning LabVanced, please share them with the Lab Manager so that future users can benefit from your experience!
The page template provides a limited number of basic survey style inputs. The canvas template provides a free space to design your input layout.


There are many adequate and free platforms for conducting simple surveys. However, LabVanced offers a unique toolkit that can improve your participants' experiences, as well as gather more sophisticated data easily.

Embedded audio/video files

There are few survey platforms that allow embedded audio and video material. Not only does LabVanced allow these options, it additionally allows customization of the interface (e.g., autoplay, delayed play, recording button presses, etc).

Simple choices

As for any decent survey platform, LabVanced can collect free text data, radio button input, multiple choice input, and the like. It also provides an input checking mechanism, to ensure your participants input valid numbers for "age" fields, for example.

Complex choices

In addition to the simple types of input, LabVanced also provides several more sophisticated options. For instance, the "Sortable" response option allows participants to drag and drop options (including images and embedded media) into ranked or ordered positions. Additionally, file uploads by user and sliding scale range inputs are available.
More familiar inputs, such as Likert scales and matrix grids are also available and easy to implement in these surveys.

Experimental design


Easily embed audio and video in an experimental trial. Control when the media is played (automatically or with participant interaction) and record information about media interaction.


Record audio from your participants in an experimental trial. Files are currently recorded in .WEBM format, which is highly compressed, but we are working on ways to record .WAV files in the future.
Recordings can be recorded and/or uploaded automatically or with participant interaction. Recordings can be redone or not, based on your settings. Participants can be given the option to listen to their recording before upload.

Reaction times

Record reaction times of button clicks, interactions, or key presses. LabVanced queries the participant's hardware to evaluate the reliability of the hardware response lag, which takes guesswork out of your analysis of noise introduced through different software and hardware setups.


Use a participant's webcam to do eye-tracking in your experiments. The algorithm that LabVanced uses to record and process eye movements is bespoke and one of the best available. Find out more here:

Mouse tracking

Similar to eye-tracking, LabVanced can record the X,Y position of your participants' mouse on the screen. This is useful for recording how long it takes a participant to interact with a task and what hesitations or repairs they make while doing so.