EyeLink Portable Duo

Top of the line portable eye-tracker form SR Research, located in B.01A
The EyeLink Portable Duo set up in B.03.
The EyeLink Portable Duo is a top-quality, portable eye-tracker from SR Research. It comes with two set-ups (tripod mount and laptop mount), a chin rest for head stabilization in adults, and forehead tracking stickers for infants.
This eye-tracker uses a sophisticated system to reduce drift and calculate eye gaze position and movements within a fraction of a degree and to a few milliseconds accuracy. This makes it a very powerful resource which requires training to use. Training will be available upon request to staff and PGRs who require the eye-tracker for their research.
More information about booking training for the eye-tracker and booking time to gather data on it will be available soon. In the meantime, please contact the Lab Manager with queries.
Cedrus millikey response box, with labeled buttons (optional).