Welcome and Introduction to the Linguistics Laboratory (LingLab) at Newcastle University
Certain types of research cannot be supported remotely or conducted while following Government and University guidance. Please refer to LingLab guidance to assess how you will be able to best continue your research given current restrictions.
As of March 2021, the digital and remote resources offered by the LingLab have expanded!
As of September 2021, the following update is available: While the physical space of the Lab is still closed, we are in the process of setting it up and preparing for in-person activities to begin. During the Autumn semester, it is expected that small group tours of the lab space will be held to introduce you to the new in-person resources that are or will soon be available for use.

What is the LingLab?

The LingLab is the central hub of empirical and experimental Linguistics and Language Science research at Newcastle University. It brings together staff and students in the Schools of English Literature, Language and Linguistics; Education, Communication and Language Sciences; and Modern Languages. We have ties to other schools and units across the university, as well. In short, if you are doing scientific investigation into some aspect of language, the LingLab is where you can go for support, community, resources, and equipment.
The LingLab is currently undergoing development and refurbishment. While the physical spaces are still undergoing reorganization and refurbishment, the digital and remote resources have been updated. See Digital Resources for more information.
Slides from the Methods Fair (2020-01-23)
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